Turinabol before and after pics

Liver damage: Turinabol takes a very short time to go through the system so it’s not much of a challenge to the liver in small amounts. However, extended use of Turinabol is bound to become problematic to you since Turinabol is a 17-alpha alkylated and toxic to the liver. It is important to use Turinabol as instructed and checking it with your physician before using it. Liver damage symptoms include jaundice (yellowing of the skin and the eyes), tiredness and pain in the lower abdomen. Hepatitis is one of the many conditions that can be worsened by Turinabol.

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Turinabol before and after pics

turinabol before and after pics


turinabol before and after picsturinabol before and after picsturinabol before and after picsturinabol before and after picsturinabol before and after pics