Tuberculous meningitis steroid therapy

A: It can be really hard. I think that is what is so frightening for parents. We like to believe we can control our situations and it can be difficult. I think meningitis is easier - the symptoms are headache , intolerance to light, stiff neck and back, high fever , nausea and vomiting . For an older child, of course, that is much easier to figure out than in a younger child. Sepsis symptoms, however, can be even more confusing. A child can be fine or have muscle pain and nausea that looks like an influenza infection, but then rapidly progress and develop a petechial rash - that looks like broken blood vesicles and means something is horribly wrong.

A wide spectrum of antibiotics comprising mainly of rifampicin, ciprofloxacin, ceftriaxone and prophylaxis are administered to patients with rash. Prompt medication is highly essential to curb the chances of future infections. Physicians often change the antibiotic drugs for faster recovery. However, viral meningitis does not respond to the antibiotic therapy. Steroid injections can also be given to reduce the inflammation of the meninges. In severe cases, administration of benzylpenicillin prior to hospitalization would be necessary. Admitted patients with hypotension or shock are generally given intravenous fluids. Anticonvulsants are recommended to the patients to reduce seizures. Patients with a weak pulmonary system need to be given oxygen with the aid of a mechanical ventilator.

Dr. Ferguson , working at the Fort Qu'Appelle Sanatorium in Saskatchewan, was among the pioneers in developing the practice of vaccination against tuberculosis. In 1928, BCG was adopted by the Health Committee of the League of Nations (predecessor to the WHO ). Because of opposition, however, it only became widely used after World War II. From 1945 to 1948, relief organizations (International Tuberculosis Campaign or Joint Enterprises) vaccinated over 8 million babies in eastern Europe and prevented the predicted typical increase of TB after a major war.

Tuberculous meningitis steroid therapy

tuberculous meningitis steroid therapy


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