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Comte had identified race (along with climate) as one of the physical determinants of social life, and Arthur de Gobineau’s Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races (1853–1855), a widely influential defense of innate racial hierarchies, was partly inspired by Comte’s philosophy. Marx reacted to Gobineau’s book with scorn, and showed no trace of any belief in racial superiority in his relations with his son-in-law Paul Lafargue, who was of African descent. (His chief objection to the marriage was that Lafargue lacked a reliable income.) At the same time Marx was not immune to the racist stereotypes of his day. His description of the German-Jewish socialist Ferdinand Lassalle, which Sperber describes as “an ugly outburst, even by the standards of the nineteenth century,” illustrates this influence:

To be perfectly honest here, Tren-V 600 is not in itself a bad product. The product delivers on what it promises for most people. In this particular case it is the immense side effects that worry me and we only listed the short term ones we could have a testimonial on… who knows if other longer term side effects are likely from using it. I personally would probably skip on this one and go on to get something milder and build it up at a slower rate. A product like 1 st Phorm’s Conquest HD will be more likelz to give you the gains and strength you are looking for, while avoiding the nasty side effects.

Tren reviews

tren reviews


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