Tbol acne

Review for Dragon Pharma Test enanthate 250mg/ml
I received 2 of those vials and ran these bad boyz at 750 and even went 1000 for 3 to that i was running 750 of test cyp from biomex and i didnt notice a drop in strenght or took about 7 10 days for the switch to happen and to feel the enathate in my cruise and blast and this blast has been awesome since i added dragon pharma test back started to break out a bit but that clears as i lower my dosage back test gives me no pip and its a smooth get the overall sence of feeling good and ready to smash some weights in the the on feeling i get from a high dose of blood pressure is also up but at that dose is to be to the ugfreak team for delivering solid products!!

My bacne is SO legit while running a var cycle. I get bad under the skin (cystic) acne on my chin the first 3 weeks too, but then it goes away. Here's some stuff that's helped me: 1) make sure she's changing out of sports bras immediately. Us ladies tend to get bacne right where the sports bra sits because of added friction and the sweat pooling there. Shower asap after every workout and use an acne body wash to scrub the back area. I use a body brush on a long handle so I can reach my back and exfoliate at the same time 2) buy sports bras that sit in different places. I have traditional T back ones, criss cross, etc so I switch up where there's pressure. 3) trthrowaw8 was right about the fungal infections. I got a final skin infection (although I was using var stacked with other stuff) that looked like a horrible acne breakout. I went to the doctor, who confirmed it was cause by AAS use. Went on ketoconazole wash and a few other things to clear it up. 4) clean and clear advantage acne spot treatment (tiny tube) does WONDERS at clearing up pimples on my back. A little rubbed on to spots and it clears up within 24 hours

If all continues to go well on Npp I'll be switching to good ole Deca soon. Less pinning less hassle. Was planning to hold out for some Balkan labs 'incoming' shortly from 101 - but I may now just stick with SIS labs. They've seen me right so far so may win my loyalty going forward if their Tri- Deca is as good as this Npp.
Just one suggestion - SIS should identify the actual carrier oil used. While I had no problems many folks have allergy issues. Helps everyone make an informed, healthy choice.
Other than this - overall a very positive experience with both 101 and SIS labs.
I'd have no hesitation recommending both to anyone considering using them.

Tbol acne

tbol acne


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