Steroids for croup

An infection of the upper airway which generally affects children and causes obstruction in breathing and a telltale barking cough is referred to as croup. Inflammation around the bronchi or bronchial tubes, trachea or windpipe and larynx or vocal cords is the reason for the cough and other croup symptoms. Young children having ages in between 1 and 3 years old are commonly affected by croup. When the children grow up, their breathing tube becomes wider and firmer. This is why after a child reaches the age of 6 years, the chances of croup decrease. However, children up to the age of 15 can have croup and sometimes even adults can get affected by it too. You should never neglect it!

There are many, many different steroids.
Anabolic steroids are the ones that can get abused by athletes.
Corticosteroids are the ones used to treat inflammation.
Long term use of steroids can be a problem but when it's used to treat an inflammation, it's very short term.
I don't get poison ivy often but when I do the reaction will not shut down on it's own (my record for scratching was just over 2 months) and a Prednzone series (steroid) is the only thing that stops it.
When my son was 3, he was on the same thing for 2 weeks to try to shrink his tonsils (worked while he was taking it, but they blew back up when we finished, so we had them out).
Not being able to breathe is way worse than the little dose of steroid that is used to help clear it up.

Steroids for croup

steroids for croup


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