Steroid shot dimple

In people prone to, or with risk factors for pilonidal cysts, modifying risk factors may help prevent flare-ups. Prevention of pilonidal cysts involves proper hygiene. Keeping the area clean and hair-free and exfoliating are the first steps. Losing weight and avoiding clothing that chafes the coccyx area helps prevent inflammation or infection. Prevention also entails proper sitting posture that can aggravate the tailbone area, and use of a coccyx cushion to keep pressure off the tailbone (a hemorrhoid "donut" pillow is not adequate for pilonidal cyst patients).

Hi I had a lisfranc fracture to 1st and 2nd metatarsal in Dec 15. The impact for the break caused large blood clots across my mid foot and as a result I had a large and deep debridement that was covered by a skin graft. Area is about 10cm long by 4cm wide. It’s deep (can fit all my thumb in it vertically). Have been massaging twice a day with bio oil and trying to stretch by flexing my foot. Am doing partial weight bearing for another month before screws come out. One side feels softer but not much change in the other side, which is the deeper side. Anything else I could be doing?

Steroid shot dimple

steroid shot dimple


steroid shot dimplesteroid shot dimple