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It seems, unfortunately, I keep getting stories from readers sharing their bad experiences with this laundry detergent which is supposed to be hypoallergenic. The latest is from Penny. Penny says: I tried the Kirkland Free and Clear laundry soap and holy geez I broke out in a HORRIBLE rash.

I didn't even think of the possibility that it could be the laundry soap because I've never had a reaction to laundry soap before. I spent 3 nights awake scratching before I finally realized that it was the laundry soap causing the problem.

It really was awful. Back to Tide Free and Clear for me.

I would like to say though, overall I have been happy with Kirkland products. Taylor says: Penny, I'm sorry to hear about your problems with this product. It definitely sounds like a laundry detergent allergy to me. I hope you start feeling better soon.

Based on all these bad reactions to this detergent I am updating my hypoallergenic laundry detergent page to warn against using this particular brand -- it seems to give too many sensitive skinned people bad reactions. That's too bad since it is a lower cost detergent, and it is often hard to find lower cost varieties that are scent free.

Does anyone else have another detergent they'd like to recommend that is both low cost and scent free? If so, you can nominate what you think is the best laundry detergent here .

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Steroid cow pic

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