Poison sumac steroid treatment

Special Note: For on-the-trail treatment and prevention you can't beat nature's own remedy, jewelweed . The Native Americans used Jewelweed. It is usually found in moist, shaded areas and is identified by it's waxy leaves. After a rain or heavy dew, water beads up on the waxy leaves and looks like jewels. It's almost always found close to ivy, so it's usually availible when you need it. Crush a few leaves and stems and rub them on your skin, or crush and soak in water for a larger amount. You can also put a mess of jewelweed in a large glass container and make a "sun tea" out of it to use as a compress ( not to be taken internally ) to help soothe the eruption if it develops.

Raw organic ACV  is the one of the best natural cure to treat poison ivy. Firstly, it’s available in almost every kitchen, hence can be applied as soon as you come into contact with the poison ivy, oak or sumac plant. It will help control and reduce the symptoms of the rash before it has the chance to spread over a larger area. The ACV helps to heal the rash as it breaks the urushiol oils. It is also known to offer a cooling effect and will reduce the itching. In addition, it inhibits the spread of the rash. Applying the apple cider vinegar is simple – pour some of it over a cotton ball and dab onto the rash and let it sit till it evaporates. For a more pronounced effect, add a few drops of essential oil of your choice to the ACV prior to application.

Poison sumac steroid treatment

poison sumac steroid treatment


poison sumac steroid treatmentpoison sumac steroid treatmentpoison sumac steroid treatmentpoison sumac steroid treatmentpoison sumac steroid treatment