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Click here for more info The trips of the Swiss start at home and end at work, the resort or in the mountains. They are part of a journey and not as end in itself.

Not everybody has the same preconditions to use the means of transport. It’s our destiny to provide the best information at the right time to the travelers, in order for them to travel comfortably, without any obstacles, either for business or recreational purposes.

Information about trains, rolling stocks, line-up of the wagons and the stations are available for HackZurich.

Using the provided data you could provide applications in the context of comfortable travelling. How can trips be planned so that only trains with low-floor access are used? Which stations should I use to change trains so that the height of the platform allows entering the train without steps. For other people it’s important to have a power socket or a place to put their bike.

SBB provides the data on their website: http:///opendata .

  • Official timetable (for this and next year)
  • Line up of the wagons
  • Equipment of wagons (power sockets, number of seats, weight, length, family department, bike hooks,…)
  • Information on stations and plattforms
  • geoposition
  • Place of the sector plates
  • Platform height
  • Place of the stop line of the train (Head of train will be there at stop)

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Medtech products steroids

medtech products steroids


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