Estimation of 17 ketosteroids

The formula for the volume of a cone is something that you learn in 10th grade math, if you are being considered for a job that requires quantitative skills it will count seriously against you that your estimate of “half the volume of the cube it’s contained in” was so far off. A cone is 1/3 of the cylinder it is contained in, and the cylinder is pi/4 of the box it is contained in, so you should have pi/12 instead of 1/2 which means you are off by a factor of pi/6 already. You very nearly doubled your final estimate simply because you could neither remember the formula nor visualize a cone clearly enough to realize that “1/2 the cube” was a gross overestimate.

For purposes of this guide, "one drink" is equal to oz. of 80 proof liquor, 12 oz. of regular beer, or 5 oz. of table wine.

A woman drinking an equal amount of alcohol in the same period of time as a man of an equivalent weight may have a higher blood alcohol level than that man. Therefore, women should refer to the female chart.

All states have set .08% Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) as the legal limit for Driving Under the Influence. For commercial drivers, a BAC of .04% can result in a DUI conviction nationwide.

T he Breast and Ovarian Analysis of Disease Incidence and Carrier Estimation Algorithm (BOADICEA) is a computer program that is used to calculate the r isks of breast and ovarian cancer in women based on their family history. It is also used to calculate the probability that they are carriers of cancer-associated mutations in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene. The latest version of BOADICEA (BWA v3) is described by Lee et al. (2013) . You can run BOADICEA risk calculations using the BOADICEA Web Application . T o access this program, all you need is a BOADICEA is a user account, which you can setup online in a minutes here . 

Estimation of 17 ketosteroids

estimation of 17 ketosteroids


estimation of 17 ketosteroidsestimation of 17 ketosteroidsestimation of 17 ketosteroidsestimation of 17 ketosteroidsestimation of 17 ketosteroids