East german ushanka

East Germans have an additional size number representing Body Build. If you have determined your chest size and height per the above tables, but consider yourself more "broad shouldered", "built" or "scrawny", or otherwise just find your uniforms not quite fitting right, you can find similarly sized uniforms, without jumping up or down to the next size number. Say, you determine your chest or waist size to be "52", but you wouldn't mind your jacket or pants to be slightly more loose, without purchasing a 56 instead. Per the below chart, you could try a 52-1 or 52-2. Note what each Additional Code means below:

Beside being awesome, a good sun protection, a nice cold protection, a good dust-mask a Keffiyeh is more than only a "Arab dust mask". The Keffiyeh is a political statement for some people (like me), It's a symbol of solidarity with the Palestinian people, though not an islamic symbol. I think you should know this before wearing a Keffiyeh. I live in Canada, an it's cold here in winter. I use my Keffiyeh as a scarf, it's light and I don't feel strangled by it. It's a good alternative to disposable dust-masks because it doesn't create fog in safety goggles. Hey it's also pretty cool!

East german ushanka

east german ushanka


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