East german ak mags

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    I cannot see German military being supplied with KH416 as a principle weapon due to simple pride. Germans wouldn’t want to be seen adopting a weapon that is A) of questionable fame even if the issues are mostly ironed out, B) of foreign design. They’d rather design a whole new rifle that would build on experience of AK, AR, AUG, G-36, Tavor and other all-different platform to be able to make a design that surpasses are pragmatic. Corruption is present everywhere. Doesn’t mean normal processes should stop. AK-74 had at least 2 different updates since its introduction in 1974. M-16 had been updated twice since A2 model in a short-ish time span. Can’t see why HK can’t do the same.

    Upper and lower front handguard rail system for the AK family. Lower has 10 slot 5" rail, each side has a 1 slot 2" rail and the top has a 11 slot 5" rail. Great fit on standard AK, slight fitting may be required on Milled AK. Made of tough military spec polymer this handguard set is light weight and tough. Product by TBT Tactical, this unit allows the mounting of all your accessories, lights, laser, red dots and vertical grips. Product Note: Will not fit M70 family of Yugo rifles with longer handguard, and will not fit AMD65 or Saiga and others that are not the standard AK forend. Easy installation

    East german ak mags

    east german ak mags


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