East german 7.62 x39 ammo

The AK 47s ×39 terminal effectiveness at closer range (especially under 200 meters) is NOT the ultimate killer round many tacticool people make it out to be. It is traveling too fast and will not upset as it passes through flesh (not hitting bone). It will leave a slightly bigger ice pick hole and you can get back to distance, when this round slows sufficiently, it will upset and cause more permanent damage than it would at closer ranges. Spray and pray is used at these distance.
Not my opinion, not anecdotal. It is great at breaking up cinder blocks, but just like any other viable round, PLACEMENT is king! Talking FMJ here. Current variations bullet design compensate quite nicely for small size and weight of the round. From bonded, to solid copper rounds, to 77 grain T/SMK rounds, is plenty lethal and barrier blind to make it an overall better weapon than the AK. This reliability issue gets old quick.
Reports from the field are mixed at best. You hear about the failings because it sells magazines and product. Just as the NVA were hopped on drugs when attacking, so are many of the Taliban/ISIS fighters. They even inject themselves with adrenaline prior to attacking US forces. Painkillers anyone? They may not even know they are dead when they get hit. Quit watching Hollywood movies where the bad guy gets hit then falls right over every time. Heck, even bow and arrows have one-shot kill capability, even when striking the actor no where near vital areas. Knives too!
How many one shot kills has the AK47 achieved against US/coalition forces? Marine corps seems to being fine with the (20″ barrel?). I would love to own an AK for the fun of it. But I would prefer to have an AR/M16 for real world use. Weight, effectiveness, ability to lay down suppression fire with increased ammo loads, accuracy, commonality of parts.
And once you try and hang stuff off the already heavy rifle, it just looks ugly and stupid.

Roller pin actions like the sturmgewehr (storm rifle or as we call it assault rifle) has are prone to jamming and are inferior to modern actions. It came out in 1945 and were part of the Nazi’s last attempt to destroy the 45th and 47th Infantry Divisions that were taking out all the SS battalions they encountered with their Garands. The German special forces equipped with the few produced had limited success and most were killed by our riflemen. As an historical piece its a neat rifle, but as much as I have derided the direct impingement action of the ARs in here, I would take an AR over a sturmgewehr into battle in a heartbeat. The Cetme made in Spain and I believe Argentina, uses the same roller pin action and they are only popular in Spain and Argentina where they are very cheap to produce and purchase. Five grand is ridiculous for this relic. It was a great first attempt, but time and superior technology have left this design in the dust for a long time now. Save your money folks unless you are a collector.

I had someone telling me what the law was on a subject. I asked him what makes you think so. He replied I asked a cop. Im of the opinion a cops interpretation of the law isn’t any better than mine. And as for scientist friend? A lot of scientist claim man caused glowbull warming. then when Al gores predictions didn’t happen. The changed it to climate change and still tried to blame mans activities. So hicks you two sources are not the most credible in the world. quite possibly your simply a looney liar nut case. If not your the most gullible person on the SHTF forums. Only believe half of what you actually see with your very own eyes. And believe nothing you hear or read.

East german 7.62 x39 ammo

east german 7.62 x39 ammo