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I’m not the author of this website but I just wanted to encourage you that your tastes may change! 🙂 I have sibo and have had to cut back my grains and sugars to manage my symptoms (no healing for me yet- antibiotics made me worse and Drs still cannot figure out and don’t seem to care what is causing it). I hated plain yogurt, nut butter, some veggies and things that I now see as being essential to helping my gut (and I love sugar! But I’m doing well using it minimally or mostly using natural sugars) when I first started eating better foods. Now I LOVE all the things I hated (and it didn’t take too long, probably a week or two for some of my tastes to change and several months for others).

Dear Dani,
I am not a doc, just a fellow human who does not want you to suffer. You deserve much better medical treatment and help that brings actual improvement. You deserve to be vibrantly healthy and happy.
I hope you can find a doc who can give you nutritional IVs. These are NOT the kind one gets in a standard hospital. I am talking about things like IV vitamin C, IV glutathione and such. This puts need nutrients directly into the blood, bypassing the need to digest, but it is very much a rare/”boutique”/ non-insurance ($$) sort of thing. Docs who treated lyme sometimes offer this treatment. God bless (or whatever you believe in.)

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Many doctors call eggs the "perfect food," given their high content of protein , vitamins A and B, and biotin. Eggs help offset inflammation because they contain the potent carotenoids zeaxanthin and lutein (both good for vision), as well as choline (good for brain and heart function). The first rule for enjoying these oval powerhouses is to always buy organic—and preferably "pasture-raised"—as these have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids.  

Antinflamator nesteroidian

antinflamator nesteroidian


antinflamator nesteroidianantinflamator nesteroidian