Anabolic adaptogen complex

2. WHY DOES MACA ROOT HAVE DIFFERENT NAMES? Maca root was originally identified in the 1800's by a German botanist who named it "Lepidium Meyenii, Walpers" (after himself) - still the ONLY name officially recognized by the Peruvian government today. From the 1960's, a research worker investigating Maca's constituents attempted to rename Maca after herself, hence "Lepidium peruvianum, Chacon". Some suppliers use this confusion as a clever marketing ploy to claim an 'exclusive therapeutic' species. DON'T BE FOOLED!! See More Maca History

Minocycline was assessed for effects on peri-and post-natal development of rats in a study that involved oral administration to pregnant rats from day 6 of gestation through the period of lactation ( postpartum day 20), at dosages of 5, 10, or 50 mg/kg/day. In this study, body weight gain was significantly reduced in pregnant females that received 50 mg/kg/day (resulting in approximately times the systemic exposure to minocycline observed in patients as a result of use of SOLODYN). No effects of treatment on the duration of the gestation period or the number of live pups born per litter were observed. Gross external anomalies observed in F1 pups (offspring of animals that received minocycline) included reduced body size, improperly rotated forelimbs, and reduced size of extremities. No effects were observed on the physical development, behavior, learning ability, or reproduction of F1 pups, and there was no effect on gross appearance of F2 pups (offspring of F1 animals).

Amenorrhea, asthenia, cancer, cardiac problems, colds and flu, debility (symptoms of asthenia), depression, enhancing thyroid and thymus gland function and immune system, fatigue, headaches, hypertension, improving hearing, improving sexual function. Increasing attention span, mental performance, alertness and memory, physical exercise ability, strength and mobility. Insomnia, maintaining energy levels, premature ejaculation, preventing stress-induced cardiac damage, protect the liver from environmental toxins, quicker muscle recovery, regulating blood sugar levels for diabetics, SAD (seasonal affected disorder), schizophrenia, sexual dysfunction (male), stress, weak erections.

Anabolic adaptogen complex

anabolic adaptogen complex


anabolic adaptogen complexanabolic adaptogen complexanabolic adaptogen complexanabolic adaptogen complexanabolic adaptogen complex